In addition to the unit tests and projects, students will also get minor grades each semester for blogging. Here’s how the blogging requirement works.

Each semester, students will post three blogs of 500 words or more, one for each of the subject works.  We will occasionally have time set aside in class for students to write, or read each others’ posts and comment, but the great majority of this is done on the students’ own time.

A post must be approved by Mr. Nigro before it is published for everyone to read.  If the post is too short, or inappropriate, or insufficient for some other reason, it will adversely affect your grade.

You can be analytical, satirical, poetical–whatever But do be insightful, whether your post is serious or funny, it must directly address a specific aspect of the subject work–a scene, a character, a theme, etc.

Occasionally issues raised in the blog posts will be discussed in class. Personal opinions are encouraged, as long as they stimulate a deeper understanding of what we are studying.  One firm rule is that we will be respectful of others and of their opinions in our blogging.

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