Your NHS grades (that figure into your GPA) are separate from the IB diploma requirements, although some IB assessments may be used as course grades, such as this year’s HL Essay (see below). To prepare you for the IB assessments that will be scored by the IB examiners, I will apply various rubrics to grade your work, using a Conversion Chart to equate your grade to a 100-point scale.

Here is the Conversion Chart used in IB English.

You will get a major grade for each unit (each book we study), along with a bunch of minor grades for blogging, quizzes, and various assignments. Major Grades range from formal academic papers to creative projects, and you will generally have options from which to choose. Major grades factor in at 70%, and minor grades at 30%. Then, we devilishly factor in an exam grade at 20%. The Exam will be your first full IB assessment–the Higher Level Essay.

Your IB score is based on four IB assessments over the two years of the course. The HL Essay is the only one you will encounter in the Junior year, and it is worth 20% of the overall score.

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